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AquaLock Piston Sampler

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Main information

AquaLock Piston Sampler

AquaLock benefits

  • Improved sample quality and recovery in unconsolidated alluvial soils
  • Reduce the costs per sample meter
  • Fast and accurate
  • No waste
  • No casing needed
  • Off shore sampling

Soil sampling using the patented AquaLock piston sampler collects high-quality core in a variety of conditions, even loose sand and saturated sediments typically different to collect with standard techniques.

The AquaLock is available in 3 different diameters to match your requirements. The barrels are made of stainless steel and are comprised of a valve operated drive head, internal floating piston and a choice of cutting shoes and ring bits for differing lithologic conditions. Samples can be extruded into PVC liners, polyethylene foil tube, plastic gutters or a core box.

The AquaLock is a soil sampler with absolutely unique features. The AquaLock is vibrated down directly to sampling depth where it takes a long and practically undisturbed sample. The AquaLock combines the advantages of the very rapid, smooth and powerful Sonic drilling technique with the advantages of a piston type core sampler. It can be used for continuous sampling or discrete sampling.

What can you use the AquaLock for?

  • Environmental sampling
  • Mineral sampling
  • Foundation research: You can take cost effcient and accurate samples with A3/B3 (ISO 22475-1:2006) quality to large depths.
  • Remediation drilling / well installations and cold-heat exchanging systems: In one run you can take a sample for profile description and, if required, install a well.
  • Archaeological sampling: Rapid sampling of a large area in a dense grid on archaeological remains.
  • Off-shore sampling of water bottoms: AquaLock produces long practically undisturbed cores of extremely mixed geology.
  • Pre-investigation of dewatering projects: Extremely rapid soil profiling, followed by, if required, well- installation.


Sample diam. X length (mm) 50 x 2000/3000 70 x 2000/3000 100x 2000/3000

Coring ring I.D. (standard options (mm)

48, 46, 44, 42, 46 with Tungsten bit 48 for core c.

66, 64, 65 with Tungsten bit 66 for core c.

96, 92, 96 with Tungsten bit 96 for core c.
For drill rods GP63  GP88 3” GP100 tr.

Overriding with casing

GP100 (77 x 1000 mm)

142x107 mm (5,5”)

127 x 168 (6 5/8)

Overall diam. and body length

70 / GP63: 2346 (or 3346)

92 / GP88: 2629 (or 3629)

120 / GP 100: 2690 (or 3690)

Material type stainless steel stainless steel stainless steel
Liners available yes yes yes

Core catchers available

Synthetic and stainless

Synthetic and stainless



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