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We have a new address

We have a new address. From today, 8 February 2021, Royal Eijkelkamp's new visiting and billing address is: Nijverheidsstraat 9, 6987 EN Giesbeek.

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BC100 Boxed CPT Crawler

The BC100 Boxed CPT Crawler series is a ballasted-track unit for efficient Cone Penetration Testing (CPT). This next generation CPT crawler is designed for low running costs, optimal production, different power options and is rail track ready.

The world is getting digital, and more applications are making CPT operations easier and more efficient. Intelligence is also a key factor in operations, maintenance and boosting production. And with this new BC100 Boxed CPT Crawler, you will get more out of your CPT operations than ever before.

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• Sediment sampling with the sonic drilling technique
• Tackle the giant hogweed problem at its roots
• InnoFields: a world of possibilities
• Update Sri Lanka Project

2nd hand Gus Pech Water Well Rigs - Immediately available

Check our Used sonic drilling rigs page for 4 new 2nd hand Gus Pech Water Well Rigs. 

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Equipment for groundwater project to Sri Lanka

On Friday 8 February, two LargeRotoSonic FS250 sonic drills, two water tankers, and two service trucks, all mounted on 4x4 Mercedes Benz trucks, were transported to Sri Lanka.


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Sonic Tooling

Are you ready to meet the difference in sonic drilling?

Eijkelkamp SonicSampDrill products will increase productivity. Not just by our unique sonic drilling method, but also due to product field training in your local environment. Our product line is designed to be safer and more ergonomic than the industry standard. High quality components are designed and selected for our products to insure product reliability. All drill rigs are put through a series of field tests before leaving our factory. This will ensure that our drilling rigs can handle the challenges that you are facing out in the field; making the impossible possible.

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