Sonic Drilling Equipment

Sonic rig in Chinese news broadcast video

A SmallRotoSonic ML (SRS ML) drilling rig shows up in a Chinese news broadcast about a big urbanisation project in the Chinese Jinan area.


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Why Fretus AG is so enthusiastic about the Drill'n CPT

Swiss based company Fretus AG uses the new Drill'n CPT. Watch the video and see why Fretus AG is so enthusiastic about the Drill'n CPT.

Royal Eijkelkamp helps manage groundwater problems in Sri Lanka

Royal Eijkelkamp has won a five-year multi-million euro project in Sri Lanka. Under instructions of the Sri Lankan Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources Management, Royal Eijkelkamp will start this month in various regions of the South Asian country with the realisation of a groundwater monitoring network.

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Bringing New Caledonian rock to the Netherlands

For the SOLSA project 4 big pieces of rock from New Caledonia came to the Eijkelkamp SonicSampDrill testing field. These rock blocks were brought here for a first modest mimic of New-Caledonian drilling circumstances. The blocks will be used for tooling optimization tests with the SOLSA Drill I, since the successor SOLSA Drill II will have its take-off tests in New-Caledonia!

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Efficient alluvial deposits exploration

After centuries, alluvial mining activity is still very much alive. Nowadays more precise studies are  undertaken to determine where to explore, and the exploration process has been significantly optimised and professionalised...


Sonic Tooling

Are you ready to meet the difference in sonic drilling?

Eijkelkamp SonicSampDrill products will increase productivity. Not just by our unique sonic drilling method, but also due to product field training in your local environment. Our product line is designed to be safer and more ergonomic than the industry standard. High quality components are designed and selected for our products to insure product reliability. All drill rigs are put through a series of field tests before leaving our factory. This will ensure that our drilling rigs can handle the challenges that you are facing out in the field; making the impossible possible.

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