Sonic Drilling

Sonic sampling for mining

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Main information

Why do you need sonic:

Your challenge

Sampling activities for mining are often negatively influenced by the generally poor quality of samples you obtain with traditional drilling techniques. Slow advancement of the drill results in your field specialists wasting their time, and a drill grid that is insufficiently explored. Because of poor engineering data due to bad sample quality, high costs will occur in the long run. 

Our answer 

Our Sonic drill rigs, together with our special soil samplers and rock coring tools have proven to produce the correct data in short time. Samples are long, show accurate depth information and are highly undisturbed. The stunning drilling speed, low sound level and ergonomically balanced operation make that people like working with our Sonic rigs and smart sampling tools. We produce our rigs and tooling according to detailed and demanding EU standards.

The Sonic Rig & tooling diversity 

SmallRotoSonic    CompactRotoSonic     MidRotoSonic    LargeRotoSonic    Used Sonic Drilling Rigs     Sonic tooling  


We supply

  • Complete Sonic drill rigs that vibrate down samplers to depths exceeding 200 meters
  • AquaLock core sampler that can rapidly produce beautiful samples of wet sands, clay, peat etcetera.
  • CoreBarrel sampler systems for sampling all other formations, including weathered rock
  • Dual Wall CoreBarrel to core (rock-) formations which allows a flush through its annular without contacting the sample
  • Casing systems for telescopic purposes.
  • All tooling and consumables to work with these samplers and core barrels
  • Highly skilled staff to train your people to work with this equipment at your jobsite, wherever on the globe
  • Auxiliary equipment e.g. service vehicles, rod and casing racks, grouting and drill fluid treatment systems

Mining & mineral exploration applications 

  • Aggregate exploration
  • Angle drilling
  • Aquifer exploration
  • Continuous coring
  • Extraction  wells   
  • Geological explorations
  • Injection wells
  • Landfill gas exraction wells  
  • Mine rehabilitation and infilling 
  • Mine tailings investigations
  • Monitoring wells
  • Multi-cased wells
  • Offshore soil sampling
  • Overburden drilling
  • Percussion drilling 
  • Piezometer installations
  • Placer gold exploration
  • Rock coring and drilling
  • Sand and gravel exploration  
  • Soil sampling 
  • Steam injection wells
  • Tar sand exploration 
  • Undisturbed sampling
  • Water profiling
  • Water wells 





Sampling mixed layers

Do you need to take samples in wet sands or in a profile with mixed layers? Our patented AquaLock sampler system can handle it all. It is the fastest and most reliable sampling tool for alluvial deposits in combination with a Sonic drill head. You can use the AquaLock for continuous sampling or discreet sampling. 

Drillers reach optimum drilling speeds by matching the frequency of vibration to the natural frequency of the ground. Efficiently penetrating the formation, sonic drills can consistently obtain close to 100% sample recovery in mine dumps, stock piles and heap leach pads, particularly when operated by a seasoned drill crew.

Sampling hard formations

With other formations than sand, loam, peat or clay, our CoreBarrel is the right choice. You combine vibration with rotation to allow the Tungsten carbide buttoned ring bits to cut through the harder formations. 

Sampling rock 

The CoreBarrel DualWall sampler is designed to take cores from rock and very hard layers and can be cased with a 6”, 5/8” or 7” casing.

Extremely straight boreholes 

The sonic method of drilling also creates an extremely straight borehole, making it an optimal technology for installing instrumentation and monitoring equipment. Drilling contractors use sonic technology to install inclinometers that monitor the formation and help mining operators to know if the ground is subsiding or moving, so they can catch dam failure before it occurs. In the event of an earthquake or other large geologic events, mining companies can quickly gain an understanding of the impact to the tailings dam. But contamination and toxic leak monitoring is perhaps one of sonic drilling’s most important contributions, enabling drillers to efficiently return precise samples of ground surrounding tailings impoundments and heap leach pads to determine if it has been contaminated.


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Sonic sampling for mining

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