Revelation for scientific research; AVA-SSD Core Scanner

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Revelation for scientific research; AVA-SSD Core Scanner

The AVA-SSD XRF Core Scanner is developed for automated chemical analysis of cores or other long, flat samples. It uses X-Ray fluorescence to find the elements present in the sample. 

An X-ray tube produces a beam that illuminates a spot on the surface of the sample. A detector captivates part of the X-rays irradiated by the illuminated spot. Elements can be recognized by the specific wavelength of the fluorescent X-rays that they produce. All elements from magnesium to uranium can be measured except silver and rhodium, because silver is used in the collimator and the anode of the X-ray tube is made from rhodium.


AVA-SSD XRF Core Scanner

The spot size can be varied allowing for high and low resolution analysis. The width (in cross coredirection) can be varied between 2 mm and 15 mm and the length (in down core direction) between 0,1 mm and 10 mm. Any spot on a surface of 100 mm width and 1600 length can be automatically found and analyzed.

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