LIBS In-Line Grade Scanner for Ore Sorting

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LIBS In-Line Grade Scanner for Ore Sorting

Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy

LIBS is an abbreviation for Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy. LIBS focuses a very strong laser on ore material to create a state of plasma of that material. The light emitting from this plasma is captured in a spectrometer. The wavelengths present in the emitted light are indicators for the presence of certain elements (Fe, Cu, actually the entire periodic system) in the material. The system is able to determine the copper concentration in the ore quickly and accurately!

The LIBS In-Line Grade Scanner uses LIBS to determine the composition of rock on a conveyor belt. This system has been developed for the mining industry and is used to measure concentrations of elements in ore material that has been mined. Based on this information, decisions can be made whether the concentration in the material is high enough for further processing or not. Problematic elements for the processing will also be detected in an early stage. So, for example, leach solutions can be optimized to make the processing more efficient.