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BC100 Boxed CPT Crawler

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Main information

BC100 Boxed CPT Crawler

The BC100 Boxed CPT Crawler series is a ballasted-track unit for efficient Cone Penetration Testing (CPT). This next generation CPT crawler is designed for low running costs, optimal production, different power options and is rail track ready.

The world is getting digital, and more applications are making CPT operations easier and more efficient. Intelligence is also a key factor in operations, maintenance and boosting production. And with this new BC100 Boxed CPT Crawler, you will get more out of your CPT operations than ever before.

The BC100 Boxed CPT Crawler unit is designed according to the latest technical standards. To comply with different emission regulations applicable worldwide, the BC100 Boxed CPT Crawler can be equipped with different power options: Diesel Tier 3a / stage 3intrim, CNG, Hybrid (electric combined with diesel or CNG) and Hydrogen.

All functions of the BC100 Boxed CPT Crawler are operated from a PLC touch screen with a manual override for several functions, while driving and levelling can be performed via a remote control system. The hydraulic system is load sense controlled and designed for minimal power requirements.

With the BC100 Boxed CPT Crawler you step into the future and are always connected with the field operations.




BC100 Boxed CPT Crawler Metric Imperial 
Machine weight  11,000 kg 24250 lbs
Length 4760 mm 187.4" 
Width 2500 mm  98.4" 
Height  2800 mm  110.2" 
Outrigger lifting height
(from ground level) 
1150 mm (to load on truck without the use of a ramp)  45.2" 
Machine speed (2-speed)  A = 2,32 km/h
B = 4,19 km/h 
A = 1.4 mph
B = 2.6 mph 
Tracks  Wheelbase 2622 mm,
width 2000 mm,
track width 240 mm 
Wheelbase 103.2"
width 78.7"
track width 9.4" 


Powerpack data  Metric Imperial 
Engine  CAT C4.4 ACERT  
Power 110 kW 148 HP
Emission U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final, EU Stale V  
Diesel tank 170 L  45 gal 
Ad Blue tank 19 L  5 gal 



Metric Imperial 
Pushing force  100 - 130 kN (limited to weight) 22480 lbf  -  29225 lbf
Pulling force 250 kN 56202 lbf
CPT stroke 1250 mm 49.2" 
CPT Controls Automatic with manual override  
Tooling sizes Ø 36 / Ø 56 mm Ø 1.4" / Ø 2.2"
- Standard Mechanical Pitbull clamp
- Optional Hydraulic CPT clamp
- Optional SonicCPT intergrated in hydraulic CPT clamp 
---> 150Hz, 10T sonic impact force


General information
CPT Control on touchscreen panel
Engine data on touchscreen panel
Radio remote control for driving and outrigger control (with auto-levelling)
Automatic engine speed control with auto idle function
Load-sensing hydraulic system
Electric facilities:
- machine voltage: 24V
- several sockets in box: 230 V / 1500 W 
Easy Hydraulic Power Pack accessibility
Climate control for heating and cooling of cabin
Extendable roof with push-through hatch
- CPT rod and casing rack
- Work bench
- Drawers
- Optional air compressor


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