MudPuppy MP255-2sc

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MudPuppy MP255-2sc

MudPuppy MP255-2sc: Pick up & clean up to 500 GPM

Do you wish to keep your jobsite clean and save money at the same time?

The MudPuppy is a highly effective drilling mud recirculation system. It is a solid control system and was born out of necessity. Our MudPuppy continues to sell because of its effectiveness in the field. Backed by quality and a warranty, our partner Tibban’s MudPuppy will perform around the clock (24 hours a day, 7 days a week, not like other machines on the market) for your drilling project.

The MudPuppy “Recycles the mud and dumps the crud!

  • You can set up the MudPuppy in just a few minutes. No settling pit to dig and fill. Only 1000 Gallons of water needed to get started.
  • Clean mud means a clean hole. The job site will be clean and dry. Pump, drill string, and swivel all last longer with clean mud.
  • Mix only the amount of mud needed to drill the hole.


Mud Reservoir "Patented" Deutz Diesel 74 HP BF4L2011
1000 Gallons Air-Cooled
3/16" HR Steel 4 cylinder in-line engine
2 - 4" Suction Outlet Fulfills Tier III EPA emissions regulations
Sloped walls & Sand traps Electronic Engine Monitor System
Shaker (Safety shutdown) Gauge Panel
4' x 5' Double Screen - Bottom 10 & 100 Top Mesh Alternator 12 Volt
Hydraulic driven w/constant speed control Mud Mix Hopper
Screens mesh should be adjusted as needed Vacuum Jet ventury
Rotary Motion 1/4" HR Steel wall construction Total Weight
  7,000 Pounds
  Foot Print 6'6" Wide x 14' Long x 7'6" Tall


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