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Service Vehicle

Mobility and flexibility are keywords when you need a support vehicle for your drill rig. The John Deere Gator, fitted with numerous Eijkelkamp SonicSampDrill options, has the flexibility you need. This Eijkelkamp SonicSampDrill Gator is equipped with features that can simply double the speed of soil sampling with the AquaLock sampler. Therefore, the vehicle must be equipped with a large water tank, and a hydraulic pump to power a high pressure water pump. You can expell AquaLock samples with water under high pressure. By working in this way the drill rig itself can continue working without losing costly sample handling time. A removable casing rack and two sturdy tool boxes help you to keep the drilling place tidy and make your operations flexible.

The Gator 6x4 diesel

If the basis is good, the complete unit can only be better! Therefore, we selected the four wheel driven John Deere Gator utility vehicle. It is powered by a performing, durable and modestly consuming three cylinder Yanmar diesel engine. It is fully equipped with head and brake lights and can be used on the road as any other agricultural tractor. Maximum speed is 32 km/hr. The vehicle has sturdy forged rear axles which are both driven. They feature traction assist and large heavy duty all purpose tyres to allow use on slippery or soft soil. Total load to be transported is 726 kg. The vehicle shows a short turning radius of only four meters, allowing accurate and rapid manoeuvring near the rig. The unit is fitted with a continuously variable transmission (CVT), so no gear shifting! You can easily remove the cargo box which is made of 1.5 mm thick and galvanized steel.

Gator options 

  • Trailer towing hook 
  • Cabins or windscreens 
  • Front electric winch 
  • Front (snow) blade


  • 20.8 hp 854 cc Yanmar 3 cilynder diesel overhead valves 
  • 20 l fuel tank + fuel gauge + hour meter
  • Highly efficient continuously variable transmission (CVT) 
  • 12 VDC outlet
  • Electric starter with automatic glow-plug 
  • Dimensions mm: 2743x1524x1107 mm
  • Rear axles driven, independent front suspension 
  • Dimensions cargo box: 1116x1245x229
  • Rear traction assist (+indicator light on dashboard) 
  • Cargo box can be tilted and removed
  • Internal wet disk breaks + Park brake with indicator light 
  • Ground clearance 16.5 cm
  • Two 37 Watt head lights + brake lights etc. 
  • Pay load: 726 kg. Own weight: 594 kg.
  • Indicators for park brake, traction assist, battery charge, coolant temp, oil pressure and glow plugs 
  • Pay load with high pressure pump, empty casing rack and empty water tank: 499 kg.


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