Environmental monitoring with Smart Sensoring

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Environmental monitoring with Smart Sensoring

The mining sector faces the challenge of satisfying demand for raw materials and energy whilst keeping the impacts of its operations in check. With Eijkelkamp Smart Sensoring we focus on your challenges. Based on your needs, we provide the implementation and functionality for an online environment that enables you to manage your soil and water data.

Eijkelkamp Smart Sensoring enables you to effectively and efficiently monitor, visualise and manage quantitative and qualitative data regarding groundwater, surface water, waste water, process water, precipitation, flow rate, soil moisture and flow volume.

Because of water quality concerns, surface and groundwater at mine sites is monitored before, during, and after the operation of the mine. The information collected is used to assess the effects of the mine on the surrounding environment. Giving essential insight to help develop an appropriate water management plan.

We do not limit ourself to these services but rather tailors the solutions to your needs. Services are offered separately or as combination for full project development. With three companies proving a solid and wide range of services and with access to an extensive network, we have the means to deliver.

Our consultants will always keep close contact with you and are keen to discuss all possibilities to find an optimal tailor-made solution.


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