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Bringing you and your rigs into the future of drilling

Drilltracker is an online based software designed to help drilling businesses keep track of jobs, rigs & clients. All Job information, Rig information, Client information accessible with the click of a button. No need to sift through paperwork or emails. Instant recall of past bookings & logs. Drillers can log into onsite, complete drilling logs and then they can be accessed immediately from the office for invoicing.

Forged out of the need to bring drilling out of the paper based past and into the paperless future, it has proven itself a winner with over 7,500 jobs/events logged over the past 4 years in its testing stage. From booking a job and tracking its progress with colour coded displays for a quick visual reference, to preparing and storing drillers logs and manual invoices.

Drilltracker is able to quickly recall any job, drillers log and manual invoice. Saving time pointlessly wasted on going through boxes of stored files.

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Eijkelkamp SonicSampDrill is worldwide distributor of Drilltracker. Inquiries for New Zealand or Australia, please contact: Scott Sherwin at +64 21 02 44 79 74 or


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