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SingleWall CoreBarrel Samplers

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Main information

SingleWall CoreBarrel Samplers

SingleWall CoreBarrel benefits

  • Improve sample quality and recovery in mixed formation
  • Sample without the use of water
  • Fast and accurate
  • A monitoring well can be installed directly after sampling through the casing
  • Very accurate sample of an overburden intersection going over into bedrock

The SingleWall core barrel sampler is designed to take high quality samples in a broad spectrum of formations. It will work best in harder alluvial and mixed formations. It can even handle small boulders and hard layers. Sampling is performed dry. A casing makes sure that the borehole does not collapse when retracting the sampler. The SingleWall Core barrel is available in 4 different diameters to match your requirements. Cores can be sampled straight in the core barrel or directly into a liner. The sample can be extruded into polyethylene foil tube, plastic gutters or a core box.


SingleWall CoreBarrel samplers are now available in various diameters and lengths. You can obtain samples of 55, 85, 105 or 130 mm in diameter. Sample body lengths two or three meters (or other). Sampler diameters 55x70, 85x100, 105x133, 130x158mm. They fit in each other (upper image left). The core bits are button-bit type so you can use them in hard formations like boulders and rock.



CoreBarrel 55


CoreBarrel 105

CoreBarrel 130






Max. depth

No limit


 No limit

No limit

Sample diameter

53 mm


100 mm

 125 mm

Sample length

2 m


3 m

3 m

Core catcher possible





Overall size

70 mm


133 mm

 158 mm

For casing sizes

GP 63 mm O.D.


GP 114 mm

GP 114 mm

Fits in





Material used






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