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Injection Lance

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Injection Lance

Why use the Sonic Injection Lance

Sonic vibrations allow, in many cases, a very rapid penetration of formations. This allows you to install many wells or sensors in only a short period of time. When you need to inject a liquid on a site, an even higher working speed is applicable since there is nothing to install! When an even distribution of the liquid in the penetrated formation is essential, many drillings per hectare are needed. That is a perfect task for a Sonic rig in combination with this Injection Lance!

Principle of Eijkelkamp SonicSampDrill Injection Lance

The Eijkelkamp SonicSampDrill Injection Lance is fitted with a chisel type cone in which a spring retained large valve is mounted. The valve is kept closed by a spring and by the pressure of the groundwater surrounding the chisel. The valve will only open when pressure is applied larger than the pressure of spring, groundwater and (liquefied) soil together.

  • The valve-fitted chisel (width 80 mm) can be used to inject a liquid or a grout top to bottom, bottom to top or depth specific.
  • The lance permits depth specific injection through a screw-on connector on top of the casing. This will allow injection of liquids in well permeable strata.
  • Generally, the Injection Lance is used bottom to top or top to bottom. Then a swivel must be mounted between drill head and top of the casing to permit simultaneous injection and drilling operations.


  • Not meant for rock; but can however be used in stony soil. 
  • Constructed for use with casing GP63 (O.D.x I.D.= 70x40 mm)

Application examples

  • Remediation projects: Injection of liquids that initiate or stimulate remediation processes.
  • General drilling jobs: Filling up of a borehole with a bentonite grout after soil sampling.
  • Geoconstruction.

Article numbers

  • SD2000209 Injection Lance
  • SD2000210 Injection Lance spare part set

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