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Casings, Bits and Adapters

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Casings, Bits and Adapters

To enable the stunning drilling speeds and the large variety of formations to drill in, all tooling must be able to cope with the high energy level involved. Eijkelkamp SonicSampDrill has a 12 year long experience with sonic driven casing. We dare say that our tooling has an excellent track record! We (and you) can keep track of the performance and the result of improvements because every part is provided with a unique number. Our casing, bits and lost cones are used in situations varying from arctic Siberia down to tropical Nigeria and have proven to always perform well.


We supply an extensive range of top quality products:


  • Special threading on conical shaped connectors assure greatest longevity under the special sonic vibration conditions
  • Mid sections of casing are always selected from the best choice seamless pipe
  • Casing thread connectors are specially friction welded. You need no additives at all
  • Friction welding results in absolute straightness of the casing
  • Welding zones are heat-tempered after welding with a high tech induction technique

Lost and fixed cones

  • Full faced rock button bits
  • Open rock button bits for coring
  • Rock button bits with central knock out plates
  • Casing in various diameters both flush in or outside

Couplers, adapters and shoes

  • Casing couplers, adapters and shoes are manufactured from officially certified materials
  • Casing couplers, adapters and shoes all have a unique number to allow life cycle tracking
  • Break-out bars are oversized to resist years of intensive coupling and uncoupling of casing
  • Box couplers and break-out bars are machined out of massive steel in stead of welded on the mid section of the casing. This prevents tensions and fatigue due to welding and long term use


GP63 and GP88 flush inside female and male ends
GP88 flush inside female and male ends
GP88 + GP100 flush outside
GP114, GP146, GP168 and GP 219 flush outside casing For handling + safety reasons the couplers has a little oversize

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