Sonic Drilling

SingleWall and DualWall CoreBarrel

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Main information

Sampling hard formations

With other formations than sand, loam, peat or clay, our CoreBarrel is the right choice in combination with our sonic rigs. You combine vibration with rotation to allow the tungsten carbide-buttoned coring shoes to cut through the harder formations.

Sampling rock

The DualWall CoreBarrel is designed to take cores from rock and very hard layers. This type of CoreBarrel allows you to core and flush at the same time.  The flushing medium does not damage or flush the sample itself, because the medium is flushed through the annular space. The CoreBarrel is available with side and front discharge bits. It has proven to provide excellent samples in hard overburden, mixed rock layers and bedrock.

Extremely straight boreholes

The sonic drilling method creates an extremely straight borehole, making it an optimal technology for the installation of instrumentation and monitoring equipment. Drilling contractors use sonic technology to install inclinometers that monitor the formation and help mining operators to know whether the ground is subsiding or moving, so they can predict dam failure before it occurs.

The Sonic Rig & tooling diversity 

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You can use the SingleWall and DualWall CoreBarrel for:

  • Environmental sampling: You can accurately and rapidly locate impermeable layers, describe an undisturbed soil profile and take sub-samples for physical and chemical analysis
  • Foundation research: You can take cost-effcient and accurate samples with A3/B3 (ISO 22475-1:2006) quality to large depths
  • Remediation drilling, well installations and cold-heat exchanging systems: In one run you can take a sample for profile description and if required, install a well
  • Archaeological sampling: You can rapidly take samples of a large area in a dense grid on archaeological remains
  • Off-shore sampling of water bottoms: In highly mixed geology, you can take long, practically undisturbed cores
  • Pre-investigation of dewatering projects: You can do very rapid soil profiling, followed by the installation of a well if required
  • Mineral sampling: Highly productive soil sampling in mixed geology with accurate layer thickness analysis and sample composition


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SingleWall and DualWall CoreBarrel

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