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Geotechnical Drilling

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Main information

Your challenge

Geotechnical investigations are often conducted in difficult circumstances. Drilling in cities requires fast and compact technology with minimal disturbance for the inhabitants. When you need to take samples off shore, you don’t want to work with heavy machinery. Sampling results are often not very reliable and drilling takes a lot of valuable time.

Our answer 

Our Sonic drill rigs together with our special soil and rock coring devices have proven to produce  the correct data in short time. Cores are long, show accurate geological information and show virtually no disturbance. So they are the perfect base for accurate geotechnical profiling and reliable laboratory analysis. We provide Sonic rigs in combination with SPT auto drop hammers for geotechnical tests and sampling for laboratory analysis. 

The stunning drilling speed, low sound level and ergonomically balanced operation make that people like working with our Sonic rigs and smart sampling tools. We produce our rigs and tooling according to detailed and demanding EU standards.

The Sonic Rig & tooling diversity 

SmallRotoSonic    CompactRotoSonic     MidRotoSonic    LargeRotoSonic    Used Sonic Drilling Rigs     Sonic tooling  


We supply

  • Rigs that vibrate down samplers tot depths exceeding 50 meters
  • AquaLock core sampler that can rapidly produce beautiful samples of wet sands, clay, peat etcetera.
  • CoreBarrel sampler for telescopic coring of all other formations, including weathered rock
  • Dual Wall CoreBarrel sampler to core (rock-) formations that require cooling of the coring bit
  • Over casing to work with these samplers and corers. 
  • All tooling for destructive drilling
  • Eijkelkamp Geopoint SoilSolutions CPT equipment and solutions.
  • SPT auto drop hammers to switch from sonic to standard penetration testing. The SPT hammer can also be used for splitspoon sampling, shelby tube sampling and akkerman sampling
  • Staff to teach your people how to work with this equipment or tot carry out a pilot
  • Logistics to make sure the equipment is in the right place in the right time

Geotechnical applications 

  • Continuous coring
  • Earth dam investigation
  • Earthquake studies
  • Geotechnical investigations
  • Glacial drift explorations 
  • Global warming studies
  • Hydro-fraction drilling
  • Landslide prevention   
  • Monitoring wells  
  • Offshore soil sampling
  • Overburden drilling
  • Permafrost drilling and coring 
  • Piezometer installations
  • Quaternary stratigraphic studies 
  • Railway bed investigation
  • Rock coring and drilling
  • Soil sampling
  • Undisturbed sampling
  • Water profiling  
  • Water wells
  • Steam injection wells





Coring mixed layers

Do you want to take samples in wet sands or in a profile with mixed layers? The AquaLock can handle it all. It will also take samples from an unsaturated layer. You can use it for continuous sampling or you can take your sample just at the depth you desire. Drillers reach optimum drilling speeds by matching the frequency of vibration to the natural frequency of the ground. Efficiently penetrating the formation, sonic drills can consistently obtain close to 100% sample recovery in mine dumps, stock piles and heap leach pads, particularly when operated by a seasoned drill crew.

Sonic combined with SPT

The standard penetration test (SPT) is an in-situ dynamic penetration test designed to provide information on the geotechnical engineering properties of soil. The test procedure is described in the British standard BS EN ISO 22476-3, ASTM D1586 and Australian Standards AS 1289.6.3.1. The main purpose of the test is to provide an indication of the relative density of granular deposits, such as sands and gravels from which it is virtually impossible to obtain undisturbed samples. You can perform SPT testing through the inside of the sonic casing in the virgin soil. You can also use the Auto drop SPT hammer for taking undisturbed samples in a Split spoon sampler or Shelby tube sampler. Option to combine with Eijkelkamp GeoPoint SoilSolutions CPT equipment and solutions.

Well installation 

With Sonic equipment, drilling speed is up to 2 to 4 times faster than with conventional drilling. You can achieve 70% less waste than when using conventional drilling methods, due to cased hole or use of lost cone. The well construction is much easier because of less developing time plus better yield. You can drill through cobbles, boulders and hard layers or lenses. In heaving sand formations, perfect installation still is possible.


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