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Environmental exploration

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Main information

Sampling mixed layers

Do you need to take samples in wet sands or in a profile with mixed layers? Our patented AquaLock sampler system can handle it all. It is the fastest and most reliable sampling tool for alluvial deposits in combination with a Sonic drill head.

You can use the AquaLock for continuous sampling or discreet sampling.

Drillers reach optimum drilling speeds by matching the frequency of vibration to the natural frequency of the ground. Efficiently penetrating the formation, sonic drills can consistently obtain close to 100% sample recovery.

Sampling hard formations

With other formations than sand, loam, peat or clay, our CoreBarrel sampler is the right choice. You combine vibration with rotation to allow the Tungsten carbide buttoned ring bits to cut through the harder formations.

The CoreBarrel DualWall sampler is designed to take cores from rock and very hard layers and can be cased with a  6 5/8"  or 7" casing.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s)

Our sonic drills are frequently used for environmental or geo-environmental investigations of highly polluted sites. These projects include nuclear licensed sites, petro-chemical works and petrol stations. The sonic drilling method can easily be adapted to change drilling procedures or methodology.  And very important: with sonic drilling you can achieve up to 70% less waste on site!

In-situ remedial injection

Eijkelkamp SonicSampDrill has designed a top-down and bottom-up injection tool that allows injection of remedial compounds at specific target intervals. Our drilling rigs can also be used for installation of injection filters, injection hoses and thermal remediation equipement.

Smart Wells

The assemblation of filter parts and filter sand in a traditional monitoring well system is time spending. With Sonic Drilling, you can install the SmartWell through the inside of the drill casing because of use of lost cone. SmartWells will bring more efficiency in the installation process, bentonite and filtersand are prepacked around the monitoring well. This prevents them from getting stuck inside the casing.

Eijkelkamp SonicSampDrill offers five types of SmartWells: Standard monitoring Well, Direct Well, Zero Diffusion Well, Multichannel Wells and Quality wells.

The Sonic Rig & tooling diversity 

SmallRotoSonic    CompactRotoSonic     MidRotoSonic    LargeRotoSonic    Used Sonic Drilling Rigs     Sonic tooling 


We supply

  • Complete Sonic rigs that vibrate down samplers to depths
    exceeding 200 meters
  • AquaLock core samplers that can rapidly produce beautiful samples of wet sands, clay, peat etcetera 
  • CoreBarrel samplers systems for sampling all other formations, including weathered rock
  • Dual Wall CoreBarrel samplers with an annular for flushing without contacting the sample, to core (rock-) formations
  • Casing systems for telescopic purposes
  • All tooling and consumables to work with these samplers
    and core barrels
  • Highly skilled staff to train your people to work with this equipment at your jobsite, wherever on the globe
  • Auxiliary equipment e.g. service vehicles, rod and casing racks, grouting and drill fluid treatment systems
  • Pre-packed monitoring wells  
  • Injection lances for in-situ injection

Environmental applications 

  • Angle drilling
  • Aquifer drilling
  • Continuous coring 
  • Earth dam investigations 
  • Environmental investigations 
  • Extraction wells
  • Freeze pipe installations 
  • Global warming studies  
  • Groundwater sampling  
  • Hydro-fraction drilling
  • Injection wells
  • Landfill site investigation 
  • Landfill gas extraction wells
  • Mine rehabilitation and infilling 
  • Mine tailing investigations 
  • Monitoring wells
  • Multi-cased wells 
  • Multi-level wells 
  • Offshore soil sampling  
  • Overburden drilling 
  • Permafrost drilling and coring 
  • Piezometer installations 
  • Railway bed investigation 
  • Recovery wells
  • Rock coring and drilling 
  • Sparging wells 
  • Soil sampling
  • Soil vapor extraction wells 
  • steam injection wells 
  • Undisturbed sampling
  • Water profiling
  • Water wells






Why do you need sonic:

  • Highest quality samples/cores in the drilling world
  • Fantastic production in drilling footage
  • No cuttings or waste
  • Little use of drilling fluids in most conditions
  • Small package for difficult access
  • Lower cost per data point or core sample
  • Safe due to ease of rod handling and general methods
  • Relatively quiet operation
  • Diverse use with many applications and market areas


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Environmental exploration

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