Sonic Drilling


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Main information

What makes the AquaLock sampler unique?

  • It is the fastest and most reliable sampling tool for alluvial deposits in combination with a Sonic drill.
  • High quality long core samples in a matter of minutes.
  • Piston used to extrude sample.
  • Piston is valve-operated.
  • Sampling with casing due to piston locked by watertrap (is AquaLock).

Wet sands or mixed layers

Before drilling, the AquaLock is filled with water, which locks the piston below in the cutting shoe. When you vibrate it down, the AquaLock stays empty until you decide to take a sample. You unlock the piston by lowering push-rods through the drill pipe, which opens the valve on top of the AquaLock, allowing the piston to move freely and take an undisturbed sample.

After sampling the spring push rod is removed allowing the valve to close, which creates a vacuum that holds the sample during retrieval of the AquaLock sampler. Once retrieved, you apply high pressure water behind the piston for sample extraction.

The Sonic Rig & tooling diversity 

SmallRotoSonic    CompactRotoSonic     MidRotoSonic    LargeRotoSonic    Used Sonic Drilling Rigs     Sonic tooling 


What can you use the AquaLock for?

  • Environmental sampling: You can accurately and rapidly locate impermeable layers, describe an undisturbed soil profile and take sub-samples for physical and chemical analysis
  • Foundation research: You can take cost effcient and accurate samples with A3/B3 (ISo 22475-1:2006) quality to large depths
  • Remediation drilling / well installations and cold-heat exchanging systems: In one run you can take a sample for profile description and, if required, install a well
  • Archaeological sampling: Rapid sampling of a large area in a dense grid on archaeological remains
  • Off-shore sampling of water bottoms: AquaLock produces long practically undisturbed cores of extremely mixed geology
  • Pre-investigation of dewatering projects: Extremely rapid soil profiling, followed by, if required, well- installation
  • Mineral sampling: Highly productive soil sampling in mixed geology with accurate layer thicknesses and sample composition


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