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Main information

This 165 KW John Deere diesel engine powered hydraulic powerpack has been fully prepared to cooperate with a MidRotoSonic drill head and auxiliaries. Remote controlled.


The 165 kW@1500 rpm John Deere diesel has a flat torque curve of 1095 Nm and has a two position throttle (idle-full) operated from the remote control. Engine starting and idle-full control can be done from the drill head remote control. A PLC system, connected via Canbus, assures that all parameters for a sound operation of the unit are controlled and combined before the unit can be started or loaded. A display allows monitoring major diesel engine parameters.

The air filter aspiration point is placed as high as possible in the frame to diminish dust aspiration and is covered with a rain hood.

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Hydraulic Power Pack

  • Dimensions (LxWxH) approx 3500x1300x1870mm / 11’ 6” x 4’ 3” x 6’ 2”
  • Weight 5600 kg / 12346 lbs
  • John Deere 4 cylinder water cooled diesel engine 160 kW / 215 hp
  • Load sense hydraulic system
  • Radio remote for throttle
  • Hydraulic hoses with quick connects
  • Power pack fitted with noise insulated panels



A sturdy steel frame with lifting hooks is the rigid base for this unit. All steelparts are sand blasted and treated with a 100 micron epoxy primer and topped off with three layers of PU coating.Dimensions LxWxH: 3500x1300x1870. The base frame is liquid tight to prevent any spilled liquids to penetrate the soil. This compartment is fitted with a drain plug. Doors with 25 mm thick sound isolating material limit noise production of the unit to roughly 90 dB. 

Access for maintenance and refilling all from one side. The unit has its own fire extinguisher. The engine compartment is illuminated to ease up daily checks. The unit works with a 24 Volt system. The frame is fitted with hinged eyes to allow fixation of the unit during use or during transport. All quick couplings are grouped and placed on one side. An exhaust raincap prevents rain from entering the exhaust system.


The unit is equipped with two Sauer Danfoss 130 cc hydraulic pumps and two small gear pumps. Advanced proportional valves allow fine tuning oil flows there where necessary. Default operation is by remote control but manual operation is possible too.

Oil filtration

Longevity of drill head, auxiliaries and power pack is assured by 10 micron pressure filters. An alarm will warn you if you neglected maintenance of these filters. The 1000 litres of oil in the tank is protected by a 25 micron return filter and a breather with filter and air drying agent. A 2 micron bypass filter adds to the quality and longevity of both oil and mechanic parts. Biodegradable synthetic oil is used to limit environmental risks and increase lifetime of this large quantity of oil. A low level shut-off protects both power pack pumps. Servicing of hydraulic pumps is easy because of separate valves that can shut off the oil flow from the above positioned tank.

Oil cooling

To assure that drilling need not be interrupted, the oil cooler system has an extra large capacity of 20°C Delta T. An oil temperature sensor cares for the cooler-fan switch on/off and an alarm at 55°C. The fan itself is very large to permit a low rpm with an according low noise production.


A door protects the access to the electronics department. Here you will find the display were you can view all relevant pressures as vibration-rotation-lubrication, temperatures, liquid levels, correct RC operation and much more. The display (example shown at upper image) also logs relevant operational data. These data, inclusive fault messages can be viewed from the home-base or maintenance crew because this unit is equipped with GSM communication. This also allows uploading new software or improved settings. Apart from the display there are indicator lamps for RC connectivity, cooler fan activity, filter Delta P sensors and more. Of course the unit is fitted with an emergency switch.

To finish with

The unit will be delivered with all relevant manuals (default language of the manuals is English for both the PowerPack as well as the John Deere engine). The unit will be constructed according to the high industrial and safety standards applicable in the European Union and comes with a CE certificate.


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