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SRS ML | SmallRotoSonic crawler

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Main information

The SmallRotoSonic excels through capturing the powerful sonic force in an extraordinarily small and manoeuvrable package, combining efficiency and cost-effectiveness. This rig makes the difference and accelerates your drilling and sampling productivity for a broad variety of applications!

Why use direct push when 150 Hz RotoSonic delivers faster and better results and provides extremely undisturbed samples. See specifications sheet for detailed information. 

''Our customers benefit from the small foot print of the SmallRotoSonic while maintaining productivity and sample quality''

Robert Kreilick, President & CEO at Summit Drilling   

Sonic drilling simply is the smartest and most efficient way to penetrate soil layers, be it dry or saturated, clay or gravel. Due to the combination of the enormous up-and-down and rotation speed of the drill string, there is very low adherence of soil particles, and very low smearing over different layers. There are no above ground cuttings so the drilling place stays clean. Due to the inertia effect of stagnant soil versus rapidly moving casing, samples do not compact. With our AquaLock sampler you can obtain samples up to four meters. Tools never get stuck too because you can also pull sonic assisted. Rig weight stays low because lowering is done in a fluidized soil paste. Peak forces on casing and mast are low compared to hammering or auguring. The drill head features a rotation function for rapid twisting and untwisting of casing rods.

Sonic tooling & drilling 

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Casing, bits and tooling  Sonic Swivels   Casing connection lubrication

Railway gravel sampler  Sonic sampling for mining  Geotechnical drilling

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SmallRotoSonic drill head    (full specification sheet)

  • Max. frequency 0-150 Hz
  • Sonic vibration oscillator output force 100 kN / 22.5 k lbf
  • 2 eccentrics, mechanically synchronized  
  • Rotation Torque: clockwise 0-120 rpm 1.200 Nm @ 150 bar, 885 ft-lbf @ 2,175 psi
  • Rotation Torque: counter clockwise 1.400 Nm @ 172 bar, 1,030 ft-lbf @ 2,500 psi


  • Kubato 4 cylinder water cooled engine 75 kW, 100 HP
  • Fuel tank (diesel) 83 litre / 22 gallon
  • Load sensing hydraulic system
  • Control panel on turning arm
  • High pressure water pump 19 l/min @ 210 bar / 5 gpm @ 3,045 psi
  • Aluminium water tank 300 litre / 79 gallon
  • Rubber tracks, width 1.450 mm / 4'9'' 
  • Radio remote for driving with charger and 2 batteries included
  • Casing rack
  • Working lights 4
  • Water pump for drilling
  • Water tank

Fully automated rod or casing handler

  • Mechanical separators among different rod layers
  • Casing or drill rod storage depends on diameter and length

Mast (long stroke)

  • Stroke 3.500 mm / 11’6'' 
  • Mast dump 600 mm / 2’ 

Mast (short stroke) 

  • Stroke 2.000 mm / 6’7'' 
  • Mast dump 600 mm / 2’ 

  • Pull up 39.2 kN / 8,812 lbf
  • Pull down 26.5 kN / 5,957 lbf
  • Pull up & down speed 40 m/min / 130 ft/min
  • Double break out clamp 40 - 240 mm / 1-1/ 2” - 9 -1/2”
  • Adjustable clamping force of 97 kN / 21,805 lbf
  • Break out torque 20 kNm / 14,750 ft-lbf



  • SPT auto drop hammer with blow counter on control panel
  • SPX40 hose pump 114 l/min @ 9.6 bar, 30 gpm @ psi
  • Safety cage
  • ManipAll 200 (magnetic rod loading arm)
  • Casing or drill rod storage depends on diameter and length
  • Rotatable jibboom
  • Fraste hydraulic rod loader
  • Special low clearant mast upon request


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SRS ML | SmallRotoSonic crawler

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