LIBS In-line Grade Scanner for Ore Sorting

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Main information

LIBS In-line Grade Scanner for Ore Sorting

For efficient exploitation of natural raw material deposits and high-quality processing, grading and sorting of the extracted raw materials is required. The LIBS In-Line Grade Scanner (LIGS) makes possible quick and accurate scanning of typical valuable minerals, such as copper ore. It is designed to form the basis for bulk sorting at your mining site. Other applications include analysing materials for valuable secondary elements (e.g. rare earth elements in tailings) or for penalty elements (e.g. arsenic in copper or gold ores). The primary application for LIGS is on-site ore grading, with the device installed above a conveyor belt sampling a (sub)stream of the material of interest. Secondary applications include off-line in closed loop for example for on-site R&D at the mine, for academic research, and as training or education tool. The closed loop solution is available as a containerised solution.

The system can be containerized and works as a closed loop principle, ideal for R&D and as a training and education tool.

The open set up can be used for bulk sorting, the principle is In-line grade scanning above a sub stream.

The LIBS In-Line Grade Scanner for Ore Sorting was developed in cooperation with Spectral Industries and TNO.

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Measurement principle

Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy

Light source

Pulse laser system, max. 130 mJ pulses, repetition rate 50 Hz, wavelength 1064 nm. Includes a pulse delay generator for gated measurements.


Spectral Industries Iris Echelle type spectrometer, spectral range 180 - 800 nm, 0.1 -0.45 µm @ 180 – 800nm in combination with 25 x 100 µm slit size. CMOS based detector element.

Source for spectral calibration

Optical fibre-coupled light source for easy calibration of the spectrometer unit

Power consumption

Laser and spectrometer plus control electronics: approx. 350W


Integrated software for pulse/delay generator, spectrometer control and read-out, as well as spectral calibration. Microsoft Windows platform.



Containerised setup

LIGS installed in 20’ shipping container (LxWxH = 6.0x2.4x2.6 m). Container divided into two compartments (office space and working space, separated by safety door). Weight of container approx. 5000 kg.

Closed loop system

Installation with 2 conveyor belts with transfer points and speed regulated drives for circulating of sample material.


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