LIBS In-line Grade Scanner for Ore Sorting

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LIBS In-line Grade Scanner for Ore Sorting

The LIBS In-Line Grade Scanner is a quick and accurate scanner that can be used for primary in-line scanning for typical valuable materials (e.g. detect copper grade in copper ore) and forms the basis for Bulk Sorting at your mining site. Furthermore it can be used for secondary search for other valuable elements (e.g. Rare Earth Elements in tailings) or for penalty elements in ores (e.g. Arsenic in copper or gold ores). The equipment can also have applications off-line as a containerized closed loop principle, ideal for academic research, on-site R&D at the mine and as training or education tool.

The system can be containerized and works as a closed loop principle, ideal for R&D and as a training and education tool.

The open set up can be used for bulk sorting, the principle is In-line grade scanning above a sub stream.

Together with Spectral Industries and TNO, Eijkelkamp SonicSampDrill developed the LIBS In-Line Grade Scanner for Ore Sorting. 

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Type Containerized in-line grade scanner; Laser Induced Breakdown Spectrometry (LIBS), closed loop

Dimensions LxWxH 6,058x2,438x2,591 mm. Weight approx. 5,000 kg, internally divided into two compartments (one front office and one workings space, separated by safety door).

Safety system  The container has a special safety system and procedures for authorized use only
Personal protection  2 laser goggles appropriate for the high power laser radiation from the pulse laser @1064 nm
Main electric system  Connection to external 380/220 Volt network
Lighting system  Lighting armatures in every compartment; incl. 220 Volt power sockets
Conveyor belt system 

2 Conveyor belts, one front and one back mounted with transfer points for continuous ore transport and speed regulated drives (380 V) 


Spectrometer unit Spectral Industries, type 1, with spectral range 350 - 800 nm and spectral resolution of around 0.1 - 0.2 nm

Laser source 

Pulse laser system Litron NanoLG 130-50 ND:YAG, performance max. 130 mJ pulses and repetition rate 50 Hz, wavelength 1064 nm 

Pulse/Delay generator unit  Unit for triggering pulse laser and camera 
Camera  CMOS camera industrial grade, incl. cables and power supply
Computer system 

Rugged industrial type laptop, incl. interface cables for puls/delay generator and for camera control & read out


Student user friendly interface. The software covers execution of measurements, spectral calibration procedures, camera control & read out functions and spectrum generation (wavelength calibrated) 

Light source 

For spectral calibration: Ocean Optics optical fibre-coupled light source for easy calibration of the spectrometer unit 

Documentation/manuals  To be delivered in English language 
Cases  Rugged cases for all relevant instrument units for transportation
Plug and play 

After connecting the container with an outside 380/220 Volt power supply, the system is ready for use

Working environment 

Due to the solid construction, the system is less sensitive for the low frequency vibrations of an earthquake. The robust design enables reliable performance over a large temperature range. 


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