Stockpile sampling with sonic drilling

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Stockpile sampling with sonic drilling

In this article we show you an example of one of our clients using our CompactRotoSonic for stock pile sampling up to 20 meters.

Used cores and results

Cores are 4" taken with our 4x7 system (4" core barrel and 6,5/8" casing)

Result: 100% recovery of very difficult to sample material!

About the SonicSampDrill Compactrotosonic 

You can choose from three different types for your CompactRotoSonic Rig: CompactRotoSonic Tractor Mast (CRS-T), CompactRotoSonic Crawler (CRS-C) and the CompactRotoSonic Mast with Powerpack (CRS-P). The CompactRotoSonic is typically used for drilling depths up to 90 metres or 300 feet and uses casing between 1.5 and 8 inches.

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