Sonic Training Program

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Sonic Training Program

Eijkelkamp SonicSampDrill develops innovative soil drilling tools which require specific skills and techniques for effective use. You can only achieve high-speed drilling, long core samples, rapidly and correctly installed wells or seismic charges if you apply all procedures correctly! Learning the appropriate practices and techniques will also minimize the risk of damage to equipment and your drill crew members. The driller and his helper should both be familiar with the benefits and risks of using this special equipment. Eijkelkamp SonicSampDrill has specialists available who are skilled in transferring both theory and practice of all the related equipment and consumables. We believe that professional training prior to first use is essential to your success in the field.


By cooperating with Eijkelkamp Academy we are able to offer you a three-day environmental course that will train your field crew in techniques and procedures for environmental soil and groundwater sampling, including basic knowledge, soil sampling, well installation, and groundwater sampling.

Eijkelkamp Academy

The Eijkelkamp Academy will give you the opportunity to expand and develop your skills and knowledge in the fields of environmental research, quality and manageability.

The Eijkelkamp Academy trains project managers, supervisors, field workers and authorities in the fields of environmental research, water management, soil quality and site manageability. The Eijkelkamp Academy stands for expertise, interaction, personal attention and learning by doing. The various topics in which Eijkelkamp Academy offers training are clustered in half-day modules. These modules can easily be transformed into a course combining the modules which interest you. Eijkelkamp Academy's expertise expands well beyond the topics mentioned here in the modules. Feel free to enquire about the possibilities.