Royal visit for Royal Eijkelkamp and SonicSampDrill

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Royal visit for Royal Eijkelkamp and SonicSampDrill

His Royal Highness Prince Jaime de Bourbon Parma, Special Envoy Natural Resources, mr. Pim Kraan, coördinator Extractive Industries Unit of Management Environment & Energy and mr. Tjeerd de Vries, senior advisor raw materials of Directorate General Foreign Economical affairs came to visit our headquarters at Giesbeek. They wanted more information about Dutch activities in the Mining industry, before leaving for Australia.

They saw sonic drilling and sampling with a Compact RotoSonic machine, Carefree Watermanagement solutions and our data Control Room. The MAREC formula was really useful for the special ambassador, because it answers a lot of questions of industrials. MAREC helps him to easily and professionally mediate between demand and supply. 

Royal Eijkelkamp now has an important fan at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs!