Mining Area Rehabilitation and Environmental Control

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Mining Area Rehabilitation and Environmental Control

The mining sector faces the challenge of satisfying demand for raw materials and energy whilst keeping the impacts of its operations in check. In combination with decreasing head grades and reduced accessibility to deposits, rising demand results in ever larger volumes of mining waste produced. At the same time, society’s call for accountability in mining grows stronger, making it harder to obtain and hold a ‘social licence to operate’. After mining operations, legacy sites too often add yet another challenge, with large and lasting environmental and social impacts and generally too little funds for sufficient rehabilitation.

These challenges not only inflict additional costs (e.g. for transport); they require new approaches in mine planning, handling mining wastes and rehabilitation concepts in a socially and environmentally responsible manner - without putting too much pressure on the operation. MAREC (Mining Area Rehabilitation and Environmental Control) addresses these challenges, by looking for a win-win situation where residual value can be recovered while environmental impacts are mitigated.

The MAREC Approach

Rooted in fundamental knowledge on mining and the environment, the MAREC approach starts by acknowledging that every problem is unique. Our system analysis identifies key issues, which are isolated and targeted using fast innovative procedures. Solving technological, environmental and social bottlenecks, the MAREC approach will turn your business case beneficial for all parties involved.

From explorations to closure, MAREC offers a variety of advisory services throughout the whole mine life cycle, including, amongst others:

Exploration & Feasibility

  • Sampling campaigns
  • Deposit assessment
  • Location appraisal
  • Environmental and social impact assesment
  • Bankable feasibility studies

Planning & Construction

  • Integrated mine planning
  • Infrastructural planning, design & supervision
  • Environmental management plan
  • Social management plan
  • Mine permitting
  • Hydrogeology and water management
  • Slope design (pit)


  • Equipment appraisal & procurement
  • Monitoring, including real time intelligence based decision support systems
  • Training and educationTransport (slurry)


  • Closure plan execution
  • Area restoration (rehabilitation)
  • Stakeholder management

MAREC does not limit itself to these services but rather tailors its solutions to your needs. Services are offered separately or as combination for full project development. With three companies proving a solid and wide range of services and with access to an extensive network, we have the means to deliver.

MAREC team members

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Our consultants will always keep close contact with you and are keen to discuss all possibilities to find an optimal tailor-made solution.

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