Meet the CRS Mito 8

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Meet the CRS Mito 8

Meet the CompactRotoSonic crawler Mito 8

This sonic foundation drilling rig is agile and sturdy. The Mito 8 is suitable for heavy work with excellent manoeuvrability thanks to the articulation system. Its hi-tech components and innovative construction techniques make the MITO 8 highly reliable and efficient. The Caterpillar tier 3 or tier 4 diesel engine and the high-performances hydraulic system make it possible to deliver exceptional results for its weight class. It excells in performing special foundation drilling tasks like anchor installation, placement of micro piles, compensation grouting, jet grouting, chemical injections, sonic sampling and well installation.

The CRS MITO 8 can be equipped with a wide range of accessories making it safe, fast and efficient.

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