Internship: Real-Time Specific Energy Computation for Sonic Drill Rigs

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Internship: Real-Time Specific Energy Computation for Sonic Drill Rigs

Internship Real-Time Specific Energy Computation for Sonic Drill Rigs
(Mechanical Engineering or equivalent)
Eijkelkamp SonicSampDrill - Giesbeek

Eijkelkamp SonicSampDrill
Eijkelkamp SonicSampDrill is a manufacturer of Sonic Drill Rigs. These Sonic Drill Rigs are used all over the world for soil/rock sampling for Mining Exploration, Environmental Research or Geotechnical Research. The SonicSampDrill Drilling technique uses high frequency vibrations (up to 150 Hz) in combination with rotation. Simultaneously rotating eccentrics inside the Sonic Drill Head generate the vibration. The vibration of the drill string results in liquefaction of soil particles along the drill string, which results in major decrease in friction forces. In case of drilling in rock, the vibrational forces applied by the drill bit on the rock result in a faster breaking process. Therefore the Sonic Drilling Technology can be applied on a wide range of soil/rock types, and is especially accurate and fast compared to other drilling techniques at locations where the mechanical properties of the earth layers are highly variable.

Background of this thesis proposal
At Eijkelkamp SonicSampDrill we are looking for ways to characterize the rock/soil while we are drilling in it. One of the ways by which we expect to be able to determine mechanical parameters of the soil/rock is by monitoring the performance of our Sonic Drill Rigs.

The performance of the machine can be monitored by a Monitoring While Drilling (MWD) System. Currently such a system is already an option to be delivered with a Sonic Drill Rig. Parameters that are measured are: Time, Depth, Advancement Speed of the drill bit, Torque, Rotational speed, Sonic frequency, Pull Down force, Pull Up force, vibration acceleration and Water Flow (for flushing).

A way of generalizing the performance of the sonic drill rig is by determining the Specific Energy. Specific Energy can be described as energy per unit volume. For the drilling process, this means the amount of energy used to grind and remove a certain volume of material (J/m3). The parameter Specific Energy can therefore be seen as a process specific soil/rock parameters.

Thesis description
The question is whether and how we should extend the current MWD System to be able to determine the Specific Energy accurately and in real-time? Which extra sensors do we need and where should these sensors be installed? How do we calculate the Specific Energy from these sensor outputs, in real-time?

We can distinguish the following steps:

  • Analysis of energy distribution in the sonic drill rig.
  • Design of sensor configuration to measure the needed parameters to be able to calculate the Specific Energy of a Sonic Drill Rig in real-time.
  • Design and execution of a field test to value and validate the Specific Energy measurements.

A test phase will be part of this Research Project. During the test we will drill in different materials with different mechanical properties. The goal of the tests is to see whether the calculated Specific Energy values are coherent and plausible.

We are looking for a graduation student studying Mechanical Engineering at HBO level (or equivalent) or at WO Bachelor level. Experience with the Solid Works Software package would be beneficial. Furthermore the student should have good English speaking and writing skills.

Royal Eijkelkamp
Eijkelkamp SonicSampDrill is part of Royal Eijkelkamp. Royal Eijkelkamp is a worldwide supplier of solutions - including one-stop solutions - for soil and water research. Royal Eijkelkamp is able to make a continuous contribution to a safe and healthy living environment thanks to more than 100 years’ experience and expertise in soil and water research.

Eijkelkamp Academy
Eijkelkamp Academy is the knowledge centre of Royal Eijkelkamp. Eijkelkamp Academy’s 3 pillars are Training, Consultancy and Applied Research. Applied Research is the place for ambitious students in senior secondary vocational education, higher professional education and academic higher education from all over the world who are looking for challenges and would like to enhance their future prospects through an internship or by completing their studies at Royal Eijkelkamp.

What we offer
The student can expect good supervision. A process supervisor will assist the reporting process and a technical supervisor will supervise the content of the thesis. Furthermore the student will receive a financial compensation in line with the market and he/she will be supported by the whole organisation to make sure that the end result will be as valuable as possible.

Contact Details
Interested? Please contact Marijgje Wijers, project manager at Eijkelkamp Applied Research.