Help 100.000 with sustainable acces to safe drinking water!

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Help 100.000 with sustainable acces to safe drinking water!


More than small waterwells & safe drinking water

The Royal Eijkelkamp Foundation, founded in 2011, supported several agricultural projects in Myanmar and Guinea. Now we want to use all our knowledge, expertise and funds to face the biggest project so far. For this reason we need your help to make a difference, to be the difference.

The situation

In Benin, West Africa, approximately 45% of the population is exposed to unsafe water from sources such as rivers, ponds and wells, often at large distances. Contaminated water is one of the biggest threats to human health and especially for young children.

Meet the Water Entrepreneur

We aim to serve almost 100.000 inhabitants of the rural Benin province Alibori with sustainable access to safe drinking water. Hence we give an impulse to local economic growth and public health. How? 40 young jobless BSc/MSc graduates from Benin, preferable female, in the field of water & environment will be selected and educated, trained and assisted as a Water Entrepreneur. They will start their own business by realizing Water Access Points where locals can buy safe drinking water.

The long-term outcome is a sustainable flow of new Water Entrepreneurs who start water business in other rural areas. This way the group of entrepreneurs and safe water access points will grow exponentially.

Want to know more about the Water Entrepreneur?

Go to and see how you can help 100.000 with safe drinking water.