Geotechical offshore Sonic Drilling and sampling near Solomon Islands

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Geotechical offshore Sonic Drilling and sampling near Solomon Islands

Sonic drilling and sampling is used more often for offshore geotech, environmental or mineral sampling. Offshore sampling is expensive due to weather or sea circumstances and especially when drilling technologies need to be switched due to changing geologies.

More efficient Offshore Sonic Sampling

With sonic sampling shallow offshore sampling becomes more efficient due to the fact that sonic can sample all types of geology if the right rig, barge / vessel and tools are applied. With Sonic you are able to sample through wet, saturated sands, boulders, consolidated materials and bedrock formations without changing technologies and with high recovery and production. They are sampling through sands, gravels, boulders, and coral as well applying mechanical SPT.

Using SonicSampDrill's CRS-T

Eijkelkamp SonicSampDrill delivered a Sonic Drill rig type CompactRotoSonic (CRS-T) for offshore Geotechnical drilling and sampling near the Solomon Islands.

You can hitch the CompactRotoSonic Tractor Mast on a barge. It has its own built-on hydraulic pump, oil cooler and 400 litre oil tank. Because of its manoeuvring speed and rapid set-up, it has a big advantage when maximum mobility is required. Both our CRS-T and CRS-P Mast versions have a two-stage extendable mast, which keeps transport heigt and centre of gravity low. Over-cased drilling is possible with a double foot-clamp and additional breaker arm. The mast features weight compensation and float drilling functions for drilling into rock and for reducing wear on thread connections. A winch, magnetic casing lifter, watertank and water pumps (high pressure and medium flow) are standard options.

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