Efficient, Integrated, Adaptable and Accessible

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Efficient, Integrated, Adaptable and Accessible

You’ll Love DrillTracker

DrillTracker makes the managing, recording and scheduling of your drilling business easy. With minimal setup and quick data entry, we’ll get your operations sorted in no time at all! DrillTracker is online based software which provides you with the information management tools to really get work done.

With Drill-Tracker, You gain a powerful edge over the competition

Timesaving efficiency
To get ahead of the competition you must take shortcuts – without compromising quality. DrillTracker does just that, by saving you from much of the mundane repetition of manual data entry. Client lists and forms are automatically filled so you can focus on the most important details. Time sheets for weekly employee hours are also simplified so one click is all that is needed to send them to your accounts team. Simple!

Flexibility and function at their best
Accurate cost tracking is essential to better drill management. DrillTracker enables you to manually set prices of consumables if needed when completing the invoice, while maintaining a master price list for your convenience. Key logging variables such as time spent onsite and hole depth can be recorded for better project tracking.

Comprehensive and integrated bookings system
Cut the clutter with detailed booking calendars, automatically assigned to each drilling rig you set up. Each project’s progress is colour coded for added clarity and visual reference. We don’t believe in boring, clunky, unintuitive interfaces, and you shouldn’t have to endure the same.

Powerful, and accessible:
Capture the important details with an integrated bookings calendar, because things are better together. And with the user-friendly interface, recording couldn’t be easier!

Still not convinced?
Get in touche with us now. We can provide you with a free demo account so you can try and see for yourself.