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Eijkelkamp SonicSampDrill presents the patented SonicCPT system. With SonicCPT two technologies are combined to create the ultimate geotechnical testing method for overburden formations; sonic vibrations with Cone Penetration Testing.

With SonicCPT it is possible to add sonic vibrations to the CPT process when refusal occurs. Abandoning job sites due to refusal will be something from the past in many cases! The electrical cone can even measure tip pressure and sleeve friction while sonic vibrations are engaged! After using a software program the sonic influence can be filtered out.

Also possible to use conventional 5T, 10T and 20T cones for CPTu cone, EC cone, seismic cone, magnetic cone and video cones.

Advantages of SonicCPT

  • Conventional CPT according ISO and ASTM standards when statically pushed.
  • Go through clay and gravel layers that bring refusal to conventional CPT tests with static pushing
  • Get indicating values from layers that have been pushed with sonic vibrations
  • Easily set a casing
  • One machine to do multiple geotechnical jobs; save on mobilization and better Return on Investment
  • Sonic drill rig can also be used for CPTu cone, EC cone, seismic cone, magnetic cone and video cones
  • Simple plug and play system including cone, rods, cables, logging box, depth registration and software.

Available CPT products

  • SonicCPT cone
  • CPT Cone
  • CPTu Cone
  • Electric Conductivity Cone
  • Magnetic Cone
  • Seismic Cone
  • Video Cone
  • Software
  • Cables, adapters and rods
  • Training


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