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Compact CPT Rig

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Compact CPT Rig

The Compact CPT Rig: small but powerfull

The Compact CPT Rig is equipped to provide up to 100 kN effective pushing force (130 kN variant optional) and has a high reaction force thanks to its four ground anchors. The CPT tower can be detached and then anchored to a floor, a wall, or even a ceiling, when working in confined spaces. The CPT pushing rams can therefore be used for CPT testing separately from the Compact CPT Rig, which is used as hydraulic power pack.


  • Small but powerful 
  • Easy to operate
  • Detachable CPT tower
  • Easy to transport in a standard van




 Compact CPT Rig Metric   Imperial
 Dimension (LxWxH)  2620 x 790 x 2030 mm  103” x 31“ x 80”
 Weight  1,100 kg
2,425 lbs 
 Hydraulic pressure  180 bar  2,610 psi
 Engine  Kubota diesel 
 Power  10.7 kW @ 3200 rpm  14.6 HP @ 3200 rpm
 Voltage  12 V DC  12 V DC
 CPT stroke  500 mm  20”
 CPT down feed speed  1.5 to 2.5 cm /sec  0.6” to 1”/sec
 Pushing force (10 Tons version)  100 kN  22,480 lbf
 Pushing force (13 Tons version)  130 kN  29,225 lbf
 Reaction force  Through ground anchors or ground frame 


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