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Eijkelkamp SonicSampDrill never works alone. Over the years we have found several partners, reliable and of extra value in our business plans and total value chains. Together we make even bigger steps to serve our clients. 

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Royal Eijkelkamp
Holding that consists of several companies that produce and supply products and services for environmental and mineral soil and (ground-)water research and monitoring. This way, Royal Eijkelkamp attempts to contribute to a more durable use of the earth on which we live.

High 5 Solutions
High Five Solutions is a company which offers total solutions for your specific project. Where other clients and contractors are pulling out their hair or can’t find a method to achieve the desired result, High Five Solutions uses its creativity and ingenuity to overcome these challenges.


FRASTE is manufacturing hydraulic drilling rigs since 1964, when the drilling field was still very traditional and mainly involved with mechanical transmission and therefore they were certainly among the Italian pioneers of modern drilling by using hydraulic systems on their rigs. 




MICCS Demo project
Together with our partners we are working on the MICCS Demo project: In situ and real time detection of pollution in the soil with sonic speed.

Investigating Polluted Areas is the first step to an effective cleanup effort. Our absolute priority is a fast and reliable method of pollution detection and mapping. We believe that environmental innovation is key to a cleaner future.

The MICCS project is a unique combination of expertise of industry innovators. The goal of the project is to establish an effective and reliable system for investigation of contaminated site. Through the partnership of cross-industry participants, MICCS has the advantage of combining the leading innovations in contamination detection and characterization in a cost-effective solution. The partners in the project have contributed their unique  propitiatory technologies and knowledge to create unrivalled cutting-edge packaged solution.



An Innovative Project for Sustainable Exploration Technologies and Geomodels.

SOLSA is the first automated expert system for on-site cores analysis. With access to data on-line, great savings are expected on the number of drill holes, the accuracy of geo-models and economic evaluation of ore reserves.

Project specifications are tailored by end-users, while the implementation is carried out by experts in a set of different fields: exploration techniques, hardware design for data acquisition and integration into an on-line-on-mine system, software design and data processing, automatisation, data validation, qualification of the integrated solution, up to marketing strategies for commercialisation.

Project members include:



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