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Eijkelkamp Foundation


Eijkelkamp SonicSampDrill is part of the Royal Eijkelkamp, which celebrated its centenary jubilee in 2011 and founded the Eijkelkamp Foundation.

This foundation has knowledge, means and equipment at its disposal and uses this for special good causes. The Eijkelkamp Foundation does not only want to donate money but goes further than that. This way 100 years of obtained specialized knowledge and entrepreneurship flows back in the community.

Royal Eijkelkamp always strives for products and services with the highest quality. Our products last long which contributes to a more sustainable earth. Durability and continuity: our centenary jubilee ultimately proofs this.

By founding the Eijkelkamp Foundation we continue this line. We are able to make a long lasting and structural social contribution. Durability and continuity. When projects and initiatives are judged these two principles are used as guidelines. Next to this the Eijkelkamp Foundations focuses on water, soil and environment. Themes Royal Eijkelkamp has affinity with as well as a century of experience.

How does it work?

Everybody from all over the world can ask for a contribution in knowledge, equipment and/or means by sending an email to info@eijkelkamp.com. The Eijkelkamp Foundation committee judges the requests and compiles a selection.

Then the employees of Royal Eijkelkamp decide which request (or requests) will be supported by the Eijkelkamp Foundation.

Criteria for donation

  • The applicant is a person who can give an explanation if necessary
  • A request concerns an existing project, initiative or foundation with demonstrable results. New initiatives must be able to submit evidence which proof their authenticity
  • The size of the donation is in proportion in which the requests suits to the Eijkelkamp Foundation
  • The Eijkelkamp Foundation prefers requests which are meant for supporting water, soil and environmental purposes

The project, initiative or foundation contributes to one or more of the following goals:

  • Worldwide exchange of knowledge
  • Social or economical sustainability
  • Improvement of the environment
  • A greener earth

Supplementary criteria

  • The Eijkelkamp Foundation has the right to refuse a request without reason
  • A request can be eligible for maximum 3 rounds
  • The applicant is obliged to give feedback about the results of the project, initiative or foundation

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