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LIBS Ore Sorter

The LIBS Ore Sorter is a machine capable of sorting copper ore at 1.000 tons per hour. The technique that is used is called Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS). LIBS works by focusing a laser beam on the ore surface to create plasma, breaking the ore down to its elements.

When this plasma cools down it emits light that is representative for the elements in the plasma. LIBS will give the elemental information of the measured copper ore at hand.

LIBS does not need any sample preparation and thus the LIBS Ore Sorter can be positioned above the conveyor belt and measures directly on the production stream. The approach used by the LIBS Ore Sorter makes it possible to achieve the fast sorting capabilities of 1.000 tons per hour, while keeping good accuracy.

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LIBS Ore Sorter is an innovation initated by Eijkelkamp SonicSampDrill in collaboration with TNO, Royal IHC and TU Delft. Since the development a variety of (Dutch) news platform have published articles on the possibilities of the LIBS Ore Sorter. 

See here for the (Dutch) article and photos from and here for an article of Space Office Netherlands.  

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