Course description

For environmental field research, the sonic drilling technique was recently selected as most appropriate for both soil sampling and well installation (Dutch Standardisation Institute NEN in guideline NPR 5741-2008). By cooperating with Eijkelkamp Academy we are able to offer you a three-day environmental course that will train your field crew in techniques and procedures for environmental soil and groundwater sampling, including basic knowledge, soil sampling, well installation, and groundwater sampling. You will learn to correctly perform pH, EC, redox and O2 field measurements, and to take soil samples with the Eijkelkamp SonicSampDrill AquaLock piston sampler. A variety of well types, including direct well, water-quality monitoring well, and MultiChannelWell, will be installed, using methods and materials that comply with environmental research standards. The trainers know everything about existing internationally-accepted well construction and sampling specifications, such as those from ISO, EPA and British standards.

Course set up

Theory sessions introducing field sampling and well installation procedures are interspersed with hands-on fieldwork. The result is an understanding of how and why environmental soil and groundwater analysis is performed in accordance to standards or guidelines. You will also be more able to assess research situations during the planning stage and in the field. And.... knowledge creates motivation!

Plan Course content

  • Terminology and standards.
  • The sampling plan: Working with hypothesis.
  • Why it is important to always carry out soil AND groundwater research.
  • Soil profile descriptions typically used by environmental scientists.
  • Soil sampling by hand, with machinery, describing the profile. 
  • Installing a well, wells for floating and heavy liquid layers.
  • (Reasons for) purging a well with on site measurements of pH and EC. 
  • Sampling to preserve volatile compounds and sampling with field filtration.
  • Possible errors during sampling and how to avoid them.
  • Types and use of sampling pumps.
  • Evaluation.


The participant will recieve a certificate of participation.


In Giesbeek, The Netherlands: Three day course (1-6 persons): € 5500,00. (305,00 per person, per day).

More than 6 persons? Ask for additional charge. Course fee includes the use of field instruments, sonic drill rig / tooling / consumables, lunches, transportation costs hotel - Giesbeek v.v. - Excluding your airfares, transportation airport - hotel v.v., hotel and diners.

At your location

Price and conditions on request.