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Railway gravel sampler

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Railway gravel sampler

Eijkelkamp SonicSampDrill has developed a state-of-the-art drilling system to extract core samples from the coarse granite from railway beds and the soil below. There is a need to know more about this material. Higher train speeds, heavier loads and a growing interest in the dangers of pollution, make sampling necessary. 

Taking samples of such large and hard granulates of 30-100mm is very difficult.

SonicSampDrill Railway Gravel Sampler solution

We have developed a sampling technique that gives you a reliable core and a high recovery rate. The heart of this specialized system is our sonic drill head. Two eccenters, driven by high-speed hydraulic-motors generate a high-frequency (~180 Hz) vibration. This vibration facilitates the intrusion of the sampler into the coarse granite material. The vigorous but hardly visible vibration produces a strongly reduced friction. Inertia effects care for a near 100% recovery rate of the sampled material.

VolkerRail Support, an important player in the field of railway maintenance and support, deploys this technique in several European countries. A highly mobile and cost-efficient drilling system is available for you to solve this nasty problem in railway maintenance and deployement. The CompactSonic with railway sampler is the right choice for you!

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